• Accurate and fast focusing

  • 33x optical zoom

  • Accurate and fast focusing

  • IR anti-reflection window to increase the infrared transmittance

  • Optical glass window with higher light transmittance

  • Smart IR,, up to 500m(1640ft) IR distance

  • H.264/MJPEG

  • Triple streams

  • Customized OSD

  • ONVIF ConformanceŸ

  • Special structure and window design to battle bad weather (especially in dusty weather) Ÿ

  • Innovative snow-removing functionality Ÿ

  • Intelligent temperature control technology Ÿ More effective heat dissipation system Ÿ 6 KV surge protection designed for network interface

1080P Laser VF Network IR PTZ Dome Camera





Device alone can reach 6 KV surge protection ability without any external protection. According to research, inductive stroke that 10m from cable only cause less than 4 KV voltage. 6KV surge protection can satisfy daily protection needs and survive from some harsh conditions. 

Surge protection

Incon's cameras can well function under up to -40℃~70℃, adapting to various harsh environment condition.

Extreme Temperature

Incon box cameras integrate Zoom/Focus interface, realize the Zoom/Focus remote control of lens without requiring PTZ platform, reduce cost and ease installation.

Smart temperature control





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