4K is a HD standard with 3840*2160 resolution. It is 4 times of 1080P (Full HD), 8 times of 720P (HD). The details can be perfectly shown.

Ultra HD

WDR function can ensure clear image with rich details when confronted with sharp lighting contrast, preventing dark or over-exposed image, ensuring great image quality. Uniview's products support up to 120dB WDR ability.

120dB WDR

Incon puts forward optical defog and digital defog technology, which applies IR for imaging. All lost details in fog weather can be reproduced perfectly.


Digital Defog

Optical Defog

Incon1080P starlight cameras provide clear color image even under 0.002 Lux (F1.2) low light condition.


Incon box cameras integrate Zoom/Focus interface, realize the Zoom/Focus remote control of lens without requiring PTZ platform, reduce cost and ease installation.

Smart temperature control

When 9:16 mode is applied, the portion of useful monitoring area can be increased up to 80%. Meanwhile, since the vertical angle of view is increased, the blind angle is reduced. 

Corridor mode

Fluent fps image coding, smooth image without lag compare to 30fps image.





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Incon fixed domes support 12V DC output while powered by PoE, The IP camera's 12V DC output can give power to alarm devices, audio devices and so on.

12V DC Output

Cameras are able to tolerate ±25% voltage fluctuation, much better than regular camera's ±10% tolerance. AC 24V cameras can well function under AC 31.8V, 32.5% higher.
Wide voltage range ability can ensure camera's stability under fluctuating voltage condition.

Wide voltage range

Incon's cameras can well function under up to -40℃~70℃, adapting to various harsh environment condition.

Extreme Temperature

Device alone can reach 6 KV surge protection ability without any external protection. According to research, inductive stroke that 10m from cable only cause less than 4 KV voltage. 6KV surge protection can satisfy daily protection needs and survive from some harsh conditions. 

Surge protection